Using Typography to Establish Brand Identity

The great thing about typography is that it always makes a lot of sense. You don’t need to read between the lines to get the point of the idea. It’s all just on the surface. But even though it’s self explanatory, the type is still capable of giving our designs a compelling, story-like feel.

And when typography is the driving force behind brand identity, it’s always catching an eye. Although it does not possess all the same qualities as other types of art, it is still very flexible. It could be minimal or, on the contrary, wildly extravagant. It can be monochromatic or brightly colored. We may have traditional types of families or tradition ones.

In fact, typography-centric designs can be incredibly creative, exquisite and multi-faceted. To prove this in practice, we have put together a series of splendid examples in which typography plays the first violin. Each and every masterpiece in our collection will delight you not only with realization, but also with an idea that is simply brilliant