How to Use Google Analytics to Prioritize Marketing Tactics

Facebook platform is one of the effective ways to deliberate as a marketing strategy. Because it integrated other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Here are a few key reasons for why you should keep move with Facebook stories to deliver your brand messages.


#1: That’s the Current Trend


With the proven statistics, Facebook is leading the pack as a current marketing trend. As a favor of increasing the engagement on social platforms, it is time to start developing content for Facebook Stories.

Earlier days, Instagram has implemented in a different format and gained popularity. Later on Facebook did the same. Using this way the unique content can be delivered for your target audience easily.


#2: Placement


This story platform is optimal for mobile marketing. It is the first thing people see in their news feed. This set as an opportunity to reach your audience faster than much of your competition.

However, visuals is also critical. Publish your story with an attractive image aids to swipe your story. Not only that, but also the creative content visualize your brand.  Both of these visual and the content help to achieve your primary objective in Facebook.


#3: Relationship-Building


Facebook Stories are more time specific which can make the story into one minute. Therefore, take a deep look on what to get their attention within this minute and write up fresh content and more engagement story for your audience. 

There are 2 reasons why should update the Facebook Stories more frequently. First, there is a greater frequency that people will tap stories if the history of delivered fresh content. Second, is to build up the relationship. Consistency of publishing attractive stories is good to make an effective relationship.


#4: Easy-To-Track Metrics


The ability to reveal who has view your story provide insights about your audience and also open the opportunity to reach out for specific followers.  In Facebook metrics, allow you to track the visual assessment including how many followers engage with the stories.

#5: Urgency


Facebook Stories are good for 24 hours, once it expired it’s gone forever. For this reason make your content more direct, memorable and targeted. If you success in your first day, followers will engage with you daily. Do not make stories that are sale-oriented. Therefore, make Facebook stories wisely to hold your followers.