How to Use Google Analytics to Prioritize Marketing Tactics

How to Use Google Analytics to Prioritize Marketing Tactics

Facebook platform is one of the effective ways to deliberate as a marketing strategy. Because it integrated other platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Here are a few key reasons for why you should keep move with Facebook stories to deliver your brand messages.


#1: That’s the Current Trend


With the proven statistics, Facebook is leading the pack as a current marketing trend. As a favor of increasing the engagement on social platforms, it is time to start developing content for Facebook Stories.

Earlier days, Instagram has implemented in a different format and gained popularity. Later on Facebook did the same. Using this way the unique content can be delivered for your target audience easily.


#2: Placement


This story platform is optimal for mobile marketing. It is the first thing people see in their news feed. This set as an opportunity to reach your audience faster than much of your competition.

However, visuals is also critical. Publish your story with an attractive image aids to swipe your story. Not only that, but also the creative content visualize your brand.  Both of these visual and the content help to achieve your primary objective in Facebook.


#3: Relationship-Building


Facebook Stories are more time specific which can make the story into one minute. Therefore, take a deep look on what to get their attention within this minute and write up fresh content and more engagement story for your audience. 

There are 2 reasons why should update the Facebook Stories more frequently. First, there is a greater frequency that people will tap stories if the history of delivered fresh content. Second, is to build up the relationship. Consistency of publishing attractive stories is good to make an effective relationship.


#4: Easy-To-Track Metrics


The ability to reveal who has view your story provide insights about your audience and also open the opportunity to reach out for specific followers.  In Facebook metrics, allow you to track the visual assessment including how many followers engage with the stories.

#5: Urgency


Facebook Stories are good for 24 hours, once it expired it’s gone forever. For this reason make your content more direct, memorable and targeted. If you success in your first day, followers will engage with you daily. Do not make stories that are sale-oriented. Therefore, make Facebook stories wisely to hold your followers.

Grow Your Side Hustle With Instagram Direct Messaging

Grow Your Side Hustle With Instagram Direct Messaging

As Instagram goes through the ten-year mark, the Social Media app has become more popular than ever, especially for companies: one-third of Instagram stories come from business accounts.While new video filters and widgets roll out each month to help us create better content, the most lucrative feature of the app is one that businesspeople can easily ignore: direct messaging.


How To Create a Website Structure That Completely Enhances your SEO

How To Create a Website Structure That Completely Enhances your SEO

Big and small companies are seeing the need to get more content from search engine users and to get more traffic from search engines. One of the aspects that many businesses ignore is the layout of the website.

Many of the websites you visit have information scattered in a confusing way, and visitors don’t know whether they’re coming or going. If your website structure is lacking, it hurts the user experience of your site and is likely to have more impact on your SEO than you know.

What’s SEO & What’s going on?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a practice for Google and other search engines to notice that your content is the best option for your search engine users.

Basically, you’re trying to get the top result in the search engines. There are a lot of things going on, but today we’re going to focus on website structure.

Here are some of the things that go to SEO outside the structure of the website. 

* Use Keyword 

* Relevant links to your website

* Social signals 

* Alt text for images

Why is SEO so important?

You have sales quotas to hit, employees to train, and a million other things to do, why do you have to work on SEO?

Is SEO really that important that it warrants time on your schedule and money from your marketing budget? Simple answer — yes, yes.

The impact of color psychology on branding

The impact of color psychology on branding

Colors reveal the core values of your product. For example, by reading your product packaging or website, your target audience will automatically know who you are, what you are selling, and what you are about.

Here are a few statistics showing how colors influence the perceptions of customers:

Brand memorability: using the right color will increase the popularity of your brand by 80%.

Brand perceptions: within 90 seconds, customers make judgments on goods. In fact, between 60% and 90% of these assessments are based solely on colors.

Conversions: 90% of consumers rely on product colors when making purchases.

Let’s take the example of Fanta. Introduced in 1940a, Fanta is The Coca-Cola Company’s second oldest brand and one of the world’s most recognizable brands in particular. The company has updated the logo many times over time, but one thing remains the same— blue letters on a vibrant orange backdrop. Why is it orange? Because it’s lively, cheerful, polite, youthful.

I said that the visual identity of your company says a lot about it. Colors are automatically linked with their identification for popular brands. For example, the iconic white and green logo of Starbucks looks authentic and exclusive, while life, relationships, family, and memories are all about the red and white colors of Coca-Cola.

What to Do With a Low Performing Website

What to Do With a Low Performing Website

You can either take it seriously or let the faith in your business slip away when it comes to building websites. Since websites are the primary source of high-quality leads for many businesses, it is crucial for entrepreneurs to make the right choices when it comes to creating websites designed to find new customers.

You can either take it seriously or let the faith in your business slip away when it comes to building websites. That said, you may find yourself steering the bulk of your advertising budget to the website of your company. But it’s important to realize that a good website does not end with its release.

Are you a design thinker? To keep innovating, you should be.

Are you a design thinker? To keep innovating, you should be.

If you need to focus on one thing when it comes to optimizing your website, that’s content. The data you gather helps inform your clients about the products or services you sell, promote your brand, encourage people to take action, help users access your channels and, of course, help your business attract the right buyers.

Improving the quality of your website is something that takes a lot of time and experience to get away with. When you lack these, you can always outsource your web-building operations to the appropriate service providers. This helps if you are able to find an outsourcing contractor who is well versed in the type of industry.